Saturday, August 11, 2007

Victory over the mouse!!!

We actually got the mouse to move out a couple of weeks ago, but I've been insanely busy and forgot to blog about it. The mouse went through 4 traps - as in ate them and made them not usable any more. We then bought a couple of metal live traps but Mr. Mouse refused to use those. I'm sure I could have dusted for prints and found little mousey paw prints all over it.... *sigh* Then J found a cool Smart Mouse Trap online. We ordered a couple early on in the mouse escapades, hoping that we wouldn't need to use them and would just have them on hand for the next time we got invaded. Since Mr. Mouse was still living in the basement when the traps arrived, I set them out. Six hours later J came upstairs and got me so that I could check out the weird noise coming from the basement. Sure enough - we had caught us a mouse! I promptly drove him out to a nearby island and let him go; after giving him a sharp reminder that not all houses would try to catch him humanely for several weeks and would probably just resort to poison or kill traps. *grin* Who knows if he understood me or not, but I feel better about it.

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