Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Mail and a clueless male

First, and coolest in my opinion, my yarn came from Phyl's Central Park Footie Contest!! The color is actually a very earthy brown and I love it!! Plus, it's Opal, which is one of my favorite yarns, and it's solid (which I didn't know Opal did).

I think I might make these socks. They're subtle enough to wear to work on the few days when I can't wear jeans and more colorful socks, but interesting. Or maybe these.

In addition to the above mail, we also had a clueless male in the house. Jo was trying to make the bed today, and Sly was not taking the hint. So, Jo pulled the sheets off the top half of the bed and pushed them towards the Sly.

Since this didn't do anything, she pulled the covers down a bit further and started to cover the boy. This earned her a look, but no immediate movement.

Jo was hopeful that this dirty look would turn into action, so she left him alone for a few minutes and then found this:

...a boy kitty with his eyes closing to go back to sleep. *sigh* He was promptly removed from the bedroom and the bed was remade with clean sheets.


Rainghirl said...

Hi Tanya,

It's Helen from The Porch here. I finally made it to Ravelry years after everyone else.

He looks just like my Suklaa. She also likes to get under the covers.

Phyl said...

I'm glad you like the yarn. Either of those patterns would look great in that color, showing off the stitches very well. ENJOY!