Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Knitting away

I've been mostly working on the Ruana Wrap lately, as well as forcing myself to knit on the shawl that I was commissioned to make.

I've also been rereading Diana Gabaldon's series, out of order, as I find the books. I love her work. It makes me laugh and cry and, most importantly, think. I've long been fascinated with Scotland and her history. While I know that these are a work of fiction, she makes history seem so alive and vibrant. So many of the history books I've read make Culloden seem flat; just the facts on paper. I find myself wanting to read more (non-fiction), but loath to plod through more dry history books. Does anyone have any suggestions for a more interesting read I would love to hear about it. (Come on invisible readers - hit me with your best shot .)

The bunnies are all doing well. Harvey is recovering well from surgery to get rid of the last of his cellulitis. Jameson has moved on to a sanctuary home as we just learned that he has kidney failure and likely only has 6-12 months to live. He'll get spoiled rotten there and enjoy whatever is left of his life. We just got a sweet (but very skittish) new pair who we renamed Tristan and Isolde. We are working on teaching them that people can do good things, like pet and bring food and treats, and not just "bad" things, like pick you up and trim your toenails. The hard part about that is that Tristan is a Jersey Wooley and needs to be groomed every day. Oh well, he's learning.

Must go make dinner and get some laundry done. More later.

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Amy Lane said...

OKay... Tristan means sorrowful singer--I should know--I named my oldest this. Be careful of this's very powerful...