Tuesday, June 12, 2007

What I've been knitting

There was a small explosion of (human) babies in the local rabbit community, so I finally had my excuse to knit some of the adorable patterns in Mason Dixon Knitting.

The baby kimono knit in Lion Cotton, color sea foam:

I wanted cool buttons for the kimono, but they needed to be unisex since the baby's gender was unknown and I wanted it to be usable for any future babies. I found these darling, but not too cutesy, Peter Rabbit buttons:

To go along with the kimono, I also knit a burp rag and three bibs. The colors aren't nearly as pastel as they look in this picture, and I was done knitting before I realized that I had picked purple and yellow - MN Vikings colors. :)

I found cool star buttons for the bibs:

I found a cool pattern from Red Heart Yarns (when I actually unearth the pattern I'll post the name) and knit it up in a soft baby yarn from the stash. I did two of these for two sisters who were due within weeks of each other. I chose a light green and a medium purple.

These were fairly easy to knit, but not so mindless as to be boring. There is a lovely 8-stich cable as well as a "plume" pattern in each quarter of the sweater. You can see the details in these pictures, as well as the cool bunny shaped button.

The kimono is a very fun knit and I think I might have to start knitting them for charities or something since my friends tend to have children like mine - four-footed and furry. :) The bunnies don't really appreciate my knitting efforts being directed their way.

I'm off to clean some bunny litterboxes. More later.


Amy Lane said...

oooowwwwooooowwwww..... that is some serious knitting--and I love the way you just jumped in with those baby sweaters--I would have agonized (in fact I did, through 2 babies of my own...) do I have enough time, is it too ornate, (mostly do I have enough time...the answer was always no, and the one sweater I've ever made with a difficult cable, I've let the baby wear once and have wrapped up from the moths and put into hiding forever...)

Frank said...

OMG! Those sweaters are DARLING! How adorable!