Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Much delayed post

It's been a crazy few weeks here at the Bunny Palace. The partner was seriously sick for a few weeks; not serious enough to be hospitalized, but serious enough to require a lot of care and TLC. In addition, we had three or more medical bunnies in the house at any given time. Yikes!

Lance, from the last post, was neutered successfully and the vet was able to determine that whatever was in the one testicle was fully contained and had not spread. We treated his sore feet with plain diaper ointment and they started looking much better very quickly. When other sick bunnies started coming in, our fostering coordinator "borrowed" Lance to foster, with the hopes that he would bond with one of her two girl bunnies. She was successful and now Lance has a permanent home and a bunny friend, too. According to his new mom, "Lance would bond with a brick wall if it gave out food or pets." Gotta love those big white bunnies (BWB).

Then Ghost, another BWB came down with sudden head tilt and we noticed that the weird growth in his ear was suddenly growing (it had been the same size for the month or so that we fostered him prior to head tilt). Two rounds of antibiotics and his ear infection (the cause of the head tilt) is mostly gone and he has stopped rolling uncontrollably. He still rolls, but now he can stop himself after one revolution. The vet poked a hole in the growth last week, hoping to find enough material in it to send out to the lab for analysis. We all expected the growth to be full of something solid, like scar tissue, but instead it was so full of "goo" that the vet was able to completely empty out the growth. The weird part if that Ghost has improved dramatically since the growth was cleaned out. There is nothing we know of that should link a growth on a rabbit's ear flap to head tilt. Head tilt is usually an inner ear issue. Weird, but we'll take it. :)

About the same time, Harvey, yet another BWB, came in to the vet in critical condition. He had been in a bunny fight while being bonded to another rabbit and instead of developing abscesses as bunnies usually do, he developed cellulitis. Within 48 hours of the bites he nearly died. Once the vet got him stabilized, he went on heavy duty antibiotics for a week. Then the vet tried to remove the cellulitis to see if she could make any improvement. Unfortunately, the cellulitis was too involved with the muscle tissue. I've spent the last two weeks putting hot compresses on his leg every day and picking at the scabs to try to make sure that anything in the wounds could come out. The really good news is that after two weeks the wounds are much, much smaller and less inflamed. We've gone from not being sure he was going to live, to not being sure he was going to keep the one leg that was the worst, to knowing he's going to keep all 4 legs! Woohoo!! He goes in for surgery later this week to try to remove the last of the cellulitis.

On the knitting front, I've been too busy to do much knitting, but I have been working on the Ruana Wrap from Lion brand yarns. It's pretty mindless and very tactile so it's fun. :) Hopefully after this week I'll be able to actually write some knitting content instead of all the hoppy reasons I haven't knit.

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Amy Lane said...

okay... 'head tilt'--too funny (well, not for the wabbit!) but our dog gets 'head tilt' every summer...she chases balls in the baby-pools, and her ear separates, gets an infection between the tissues, and she just sits with her head tilted and her enormous balooning ear flopping over her head until we can get that vet appt. I had no idea it was a bunny thing too.