Saturday, June 23, 2007


I've been tagged for a meme by Amy. The idea is to type my birthmonth into wikipedia, write down two historical events and one holiday that happened therein, and tag five friends. According to Wikipedia, on Sept. 12:

* 490 BC - Athens defeats Persia at the Battle of Marathon
* 1609 - Henry Hudson discovers the Hudson River.
* 1575 - Henry Hudson, English explorer

Okay so there were things that were way more socially important, but I thought it was interesting that Hudson found the Hudson River on his birthday.

I'll tag anyone who reads this (which is likely way less than five) .


Amy Lane said...

Can't tag me--I tagged you! But I think you're right...the Hudson thing is really cool:-)

Amy Lane said...

Thanks for the hugs on my blog today--they help!

I know it sounds horrible, but you really do want to smack your kids when you see them--it's difficult to explain why. It's like THEY caused you all that worry, THEY terrified you, THEY hurt you, and your adrenaline rush is so acute, that it really is difficult to separate the love from the absolute terror and not to just shriek at them, "DON'T EVER F-ING DO THAT TO ME AGAIN YOU LITTLE GOOMBAH...THAT HURT!!!"

I can't explain it better than that...that's probably what you saw with those parents...adrenaline and absolute terror don't necessarily make your nurturing side shine like a new penny, if you know what I mean.

Lisa said...

so...I've been tagged? cool, but I already did this: my wiki-fun