Friday, January 11, 2008

On Bunny Thumpers and Cat's Paws

I can't believe it's really been 5 months since I last posted! Life got a little crazy around here with my job changing (same job, just different duties), a critical volunteer in the bunny group leaving, and some health issues. Now that all of that seems to be under control I'm back and will try to do better. :)

While reading Kris' blog I learned about a "bunny thumper" contest and was all excited... And then I learned that "bunny thumpers" are part of a cat's back foot. After some sweet talking, I did manage to get Sly, the new boy cat who came to live with us a few months ago, to agree to let me near his foot with a ruler and a camera. The result:

Since it only seemed fair to include real bunny thumpers in the picture, I snagged Tribble and took a shot of her dainty little foot:

The fuzzy feet obscure the reading, but her foot comes in at a dainty 2.5 inches. Although, now that I think about it, her foot is 2.5 inches and she weighs about 3.5 pounds and Sly's foot is 5.5 inches and he weighs about 15 pounds.... Perhaps her foot isn't the dainty one after all.

1 comment:

Chris said...

Funny that you have a different color of the same gauge I do! :)

2.5" sounds absolutely wee!!